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Manchester's first Plant-Based Community Cookery School

Greens & Others is a registered CIC (Community Interest Company) . We're all about collaboration, working hand in hand with communities to celebrate and nurture the wonderful world of plant-based living.

Our kitchen idea came to life as a response to some major challenges facing our world, from health disparities to food access issues and climate change. These are issues we hold close to our hearts, and we're on a mission to create a positive impact on our communities, health, and the environment. And we do it all while celebrating the delicious diversity of plant-based cuisine. 

At the core of our organization are our beloved cookery and food-growing classes. They're not just classes; they're opportunities to come together, share our skills, explore different cultural cuisines, and embark on a journey of community connection. We're here to inspire joyful and lasting changes in behavior. The results of these gatherings are nothing short of beautiful. We can't wait to share these incredible experiences with you!

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