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Greens & Others was founded by Emel Ernalbant. She shares her journey...

Hello, I am Emel. I am a food and portrait photographer and a plant-based cook. My vegan journey started in 2016 when I was more into exploring different cuisines than cooking. I was traveling around the world for travel magazines and tasting so many different foods. Michelin-starred chefs would prepare plant-based version of their menu for me and not only did these dishes look appealing, but the taste was exactly the same! I was trying to understand why they were still continuing to cook with animal products when they could create anything using plants, nuts, seeds... I wanted to get into cooking and started reading food labels on the products we consume. I began taking classes at the Vegan Chef School in London and volunteered at the UK's first vegan community cookery school, Made In Hackney. I've attended so many classes at Made In Hackney and made several friends. It wasn't just about feeding me; it was also helping me mentally survive during the Covid days and coming together as a community in challenging times. From fermentation classes to budget cooking, vegan cheese making, and sourdough baking... Each class inspired me to want to take this empowering education further. And here I am, mentored by Made In Hackney's project, Global Plant Kitchens (a programme designed to support the creation of vegan community cookery schools across the world!), and ready to spread the plant-based lifestyle to anyone who cares about their health, the planet, and animals. Soon, you will meet lots of like-minded people, learn how to cook healthy meals, eat, laugh, and enjoy life in our kitchen. Stay tuned.

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